Bonus Lesson: How to Create an Efficient Kitchen

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This lesson was so popular with our students that people always refer to it whenever they talk about Nourish. For example, Colleen F. from our inaugural class said, “This lesson on kitchen organizing alone was worth the price of the course!”

So what’s all the fuss about?

In this lesson, I take you on a tour of my own kitchen and teach you the tricks to creating a more efficient environment for prep, cooking, and cleaning. It’ll save you a ton of time and reduce that post-cooking mess that nobody wants to deal with. No wonder it’s so popular!

So, hit play below and learn how to get your cooking zones super organized, so you can feel more zen in the kitchen.


A printable PDF guide that shares even more tips to create an efficient kitchen, and goes into greater detail on the strategies I discuss in the video. Plus, a handy kitchen zone layout.

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"For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned."“I have cooked for close to fifty years, but I have to use a recipe and have never liked the process. Now that I'm retired, I wanted to take a course so that I could learn to actually like to cook. Jess' infectious personality and great videos have made a big difference for me. I can say that I enjoy the cooking process now more than when I started Nourish.” - JUNE Z.
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Nourish alum Jennifer L. said this lesson helped her make a lot of changes in how she uses her kitchen: “[It’s] made a huge improvement in my cooking. Now I just really think differently about how I approach each meal I cook.”

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