Love from Nourish Students

“I've always been anxious about cooking, feeling like I must be perfect or not even try. After Nourish, my confidence and motivation have grown tremendously!”

— Margie H. (2015)

“After taking this course, I don't fret now if I'm cooking something and don't have the exact ingredients that the recipe calls for. I'm ok substituting on the fly and relaxing about being perfect or exact. It's really freeing!”

— Kristin M. (2015)

“I now have a deeper understanding as to how flavors work together, and how to season appropriately.”

— Jessica F. (2015)

“I loved the way that Jess and the Nourish team made everything so accessible and easy to learn and understand. Jess has this amazing way of imparting cooking skills and tips in a simple and friendly manner. It makes learning an absolute pleasure! Also, the fantastic infographics used in the program present a great deal of useful information in a very easy to read format.”

— Patrick W. (2015)

“There's so much I enjoyed about Nourish. I really liked learning knife skills and getting pointers on how to better organize my kitchen. I have made a lot of changes in how I approach food prep and how I use my kitchen, which has made a huge improvement in my cooking. Now I just really think differently about how I approach each meal I cook.”

— Jennifer L. (2016)

“The videos made a huge difference not only in understanding, but also in remembering what to do. There really is something about seeing how versus just reading instructions. As I cook now I tend to "replay" the videos in my mind, and when I do forget I am reassured that I can revisit the videos.”

— Mary Claire E. (2015)

“Being able to watch the videos was like bringing the teacher into my kitchen.”

— Brooke S. (2015)

“The lesson on kitchen organizing alone was worth the price of the course! I have a very small kitchen and always found it frustrating to dig around for what I needed. Because of Nourish, I've freed my one reasonable work area from needless appliances and assembled all my tools in one place. Now I have a constant urge to make something anytime I'm in the kitchen!”

— Colleen F. (2015)

“I am beginning to enjoy cooking and am no longer reluctant to cook for guests”

— Cecelia S. (2015)

“Jess has a great way of training, and her enthusiasm and love of cooking really shines through.”

— Fran M. (2015)

“Learning techniques and not just how to make specific recipes is extremely helpful!”

— Melissa B. (2015)

“Thank you so much! I have been wanting these cooking skills for so long, and I'm so excited to finally have them! I felt like I was inviting a friend into my kitchen to teach me how to cook every week.”

— Suzaane S. (2015)

“I now recognize what meals I can make with ingredients that I have on hand, without having to rely on specific recipes.”

— Christy T. (2015)

“Nourish has totally increased my confidence. Plus, the recipes are absolutely delicious!”

— Stephanie T. (2016)

“Nourish helped me to learn basic techniques, understand basic formulas and get the simple tricks that turn ok meals into great meals!”

— Sabine K. (2015)

“I almost felt like I was taking a personal cooking class.”

— Elena M. (2015)

“Since taking Nourish, I am definitely much more confident in the kitchen. I find myself initiating and inventing more meals during the week without a recipe. I am also much faster at my food prep, especially chopping due to the tips I have learned.”

— Patti N. (2016)

“My skills in the kitchen have improved immensely. I feel more confident and cooking now feels more like a hobby and not a chore. Nourish definitely delivered as advertised - I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their cooking.”

— Claudia L. (2016)

“The lessons and recipes were varied and conveyed important skills for any cook. I have always been a recipe follower, but since Nourish I have begun putting my own spin on recipes I'm making. It's exciting when someone compliments me on a meal now!”

— Dawn C. (2016)

“I loved the confidence I gained in the kitchen. I used to ask my husband to chop veggies, or even buy recipe ready frozen ones. Now I take the time to prep and enjoy my time doing so. And each meal was delicious!”

— Karin E. (2015)

“I truly appreciate the confidence this class has given me. I have made some beautiful and delicious meals that I never would have even attempted prior to Nourish. It may sound a little dramatic, but this was a life-changing event for me. It made me realize that I CAN make healthy and delicious meals for my family and not spend hours in the kitchen. I work full time and spend 2+ hours a day commuting - I don't have a lot of time to get dinner on the table during the week. But since I started this program, I've pulled it off at minimum 4 nights a week.”

— Erin B. (2016)

“I loved the video format of Nourish! It's so nice to be able to go back and watch them again and again and again! Also, I really liked the series on kitchen organization. Having a prepping area wasn't something I'd thought about before but it makes A TON of sense. Once I implemented the ideas it helped tremendously.”

— Mary N. (2015)