Bonus Lesson #2: Secrets Every Cook Needs to Know

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Prepare to learn the top 5 secrets that successful chefs use every day! You won’t learn these genius tips from any recipe and they are something most aspiring cooks only find out by going to culinary school.

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Once you learn these secrets to cooking success, they will become second nature and you’ll instinctively know how and when to use them so you can create restaurant-worthy meals without following a recipe.


  • A printable PDF cheat sheet, outlining everything in the video lesson
  • A Guide to Flavor Profiles that will allow you to balance and enhance flavors to create delicious dishes. See secret #4!

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Understand the Why"What I love the most about Nourish is that it delves into the reasons behind kitchen techniques. I now have a deeper understanding as to how flavors work together and how to season appropriately. I feel like this makes me a smarter cook!" - JESSICA F.
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